2NE1 member Dara has reached more than 3 million followers on the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram.
The milestone comes 22 months after Dara created her Instagram account, which the idol-actress called HappyDaraDay.
Dara's first Instagram post showed her doing a heart pose with her arms touching head while giving a sweet smile.
With 3 million followers, Dara is the most followed member of 2NE1 - CL comes in a close second with 2.8 million, Minzy with 1.5 million and Bom with 1.4 million.
Fans have been extending their congratulations to Dara for the new milestone.
"Happy 3 million my angel Dee! Congrats! Love u so much!" "Yey! 3M followers! Congratulations unnie you are loved by so many."
Dara has long been a popular K-Pop celebrity on Instagram because of her quirky posts and beautiful selfies, but in recent months she has also been attracting fans because of her lead actress roles.
Dara, also known as Sandara Park in her acting roles, has starred in two web dramas this year - Dr. Ian and We Broke Up - and will also be playing the lead female in the upcoming KBS drama Missing Korea opposite Kim Jeong Hoon. Missing Korea is set to air next month.
Congratulations to Dara for hitting 3 million Instagram followers!