This is some mind blowing stuff here. Imagine two of your favorite groups. Then imagine they're both going to have comebacks at the same time. Then picture both groups joining together for a collaborative release!

That's pretty much what's happening with co-ed groups Cool and Koyote this year. Both groups debuted in the 90s and they're still going strong!

Cool's Lee Jae Hoon told StarNews, "I, along with (Cool's) Kim Sung Soo, and Koyote'sKim Jong Min, Shinji, and Baekga will soon release a new song under the name Coolyote. We are currently recording."
He added, "After Coolyote's new song is released, we'll begin a nationwide tour in the beginning of December starting in Seoul. At our nationwide tour, we'll perform Cool and Koyote's hit songs, the members' solo tracks, and perform Coolyote's new song all in one concert."

You might have noticed that Cool's Yuri was not one of the names listed. That's because she's currently pregnant with her second child. 

Stay tuned for more news on this collaboration!