Be Funny Studio finally released a parody of 'Seoul Runner', starring Ki Hong Lee.

Some time ago has been rumored that one of the cast of the film 'Maze Runner' is indeed going to star in a parody titled 'Seoul Runner'.

Ki Hong Lee once again showed his acting skills through this parody, along with various idols, such as 2 PM's Taecyeon and Nichkhun, Kangnam MIB, and the end of the video we will also witness the soloists NS Yoon-G.
In this parody Ki Hong Lee will try to survive in Seoul, Korea. He met with other teams, like teams 'Chef & My Fridge' which acted by Taecyeon, then the teams 'Superman Returns' starring Nichkhun, there is even a team of 'Running Man'.

Ki Hong Lee then changed her clothes with a clothes ahjumma, and shows the action with tongsis weapons. He attempted to escape from the house, to go to the city of Seoul.

If in the film 'Maze Runner' we will see Ki Hong Lee's acting seriously, in this parody he showed his acting funny. In addition to English, he also spoke several times in Korean. Ki Hong Lee was even flirting sexy women who passed her.