Lee Si Young might be more known for her movie and drama roles, but she also happens to be an amateur boxer! Well, at least she was a boxer for the past 5 to 6 years because she's been reported to be ending that career path.

According to a news outlet, Lee Si Young stopped training in boxing back in June because her shoulder had the tendency to get dislocated. She's reported to be officially ending her athlete activities.

She was previously training to become a national athlete for the 51kg weight class in boxing to represent Korea at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Lee Si Young injured her shoulder back in 2013, and her shoulder has been weaker ever since, leading her to make the decision to give up boxing.

The actress had discovered how much she enjoyed boxing while preparing for a role in a drama back in early 2010. Although that drama never ended up airing, she continued learning how to box and began boxing competitively. She was very successful at it despite the fact that she began boxing in her late 20s, while most contestants start learning at a much earlier age.

It's unfortunate that she has to give up the sport, and we wish her the best in her acting career.