VIXX's Ken and actress Seo Hyun Jin, who star together in the 'Cinderella' musical, were busy complimenting each other on the September 22nd airing of 'Kim Chang Ryul's Old School'. 

DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked Seo Hyun Jin, "I heard that several people were cast for the role of the prince on 'Cinderella'. Do you think you have good chemistry with Ken?" Seo Hyun Jin carefully answered, "B2ST's Yoseob, B1A4's Sandeul, and Uhm Ki Joon were cast to play the prince. Besides Sandeul, I met up with all the actors. People say that among them, I have good chemistry with Ken and that we look good together." 

The actress added, "There is a part during the musical where a character named Charlotte directs a line at Ken that goes, 'You are not a prince.' But when the person who plays Charlotte looks at Ken in his stage costumes, Ken looks so much like a prince that he can't bring himself to say his line. I really agree with his sentiment.

Ken also had nothing but good things to say about the actress! When the DJ turnd to him to ask about his chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin, he said, "The people around us say that we look good together." The idol also admitted that he can't help but "feel absorbed when he acts alongside Seo Hyun Jin," praising the actress.

When asked the tricky question of what she considers to be the best characteristics of the four actors, Seo Hyun Jin replied, "I've practiced with Yoseob for the longest time. We practiced our dancing so much that I feel the most comfortable with him." On working with Ken, the actress said, "I think Ken and I look good together [in the musical]. Our height difference is just right, too.