Steven Tyler New Album

Steven Tyler is gearing up for his solo career and a new album is reportedly in the works.
According to an NME report, Tyler is going country for his new material and that songs expected from his future releases was heard in New York earlier this month, where he performed some of his songs, including country version of Aerosmith hits.
His change of genre was discussed by the singer himself in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, where he revealed that his band mates from Aerosmith aren't satisfied with what he is doing.
"I'm sure they're not happy," Steven Tyler said of his new album. "But Joe [Perry] has done five solo albums. I just thought, 'Hey, it's my turn in the barrel.' This is a side project, which has now turned into a love of life. I think we got something here that the radio would love to play. Look, that's why I'm in it. I love to take the f-ing power to wow to the 100th degree. It's just what I do."
Furthermore, he explained that even though his Aerosmith buddies wouldn't agree with his new album style, Steven Tyler still assured that his relationship with them is perfectly fine and that fans could possibly expect more from their group in the future.
"Better than ever," he said about the relationship of their band. "There's always the past, but we try and keep the past out of it. When Joe gets up in my s- about something, I say, 'Don't squat with your spurs on.' It's a band, and it's a family. I'll do it until I come screeching to a halt, all broken and battered and can't stand up anymore. I'll scream, 'Yee-haw, what a ride!'"
In the same report, it has been revealed that the new album from Steven Tyler is still in the works and should be expected to come out in 2016.