(Left) Teddy, (right) Bernard Yeung Stone

In BigBang, behind 2ne1 ...... etc YG day mission there was the most important promoter of that old "1TYM" captain, famous producer Teddy. Cooperation met with him more than 20 carrier YG president Bernard Yeung stone, recently talked about the deep understanding and friendship between the two sides!
Bernard Yeung stone at (No.22) today revealed the creation of a new brand message Teddy, and talked about the two met many years after: "I recognize the beginning and Teddy from work so far, has 20 years of his life up."
"Then is a shell of YG has been able to grow so, there have been labor Teddy and Teddy I like to get along as friends, but also because this time the feeling will quickly flies.." Bernard Yeung Stone said: "Although 20 years have been working together I would like to add 20 years of cooperation friend, is a Teddy. "remarks full of sincere feelings.