Fans are protesting a concert organizer following the latest mishap at an overseas K-pop concert.
Korean pop band Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS) lit up the stage at their BTS Highlight 2015 Atlanta concert on Sept. 26, but some of their fans were drenched in the rain after discovering the tickets they had bought were useless due to TGM Events, the concert organizer, overselling the show. Fans who were denied entry to the concert were initially told that they would receive a special interactive experience with BTS after the show and waited outside in the rain for a group they never saw.
Over 3,000 people have signed a petition against TGM Events following the Atlanta Highlight show and other incidents where international K-pop fans were disappointed.
"Issue refunds for BTS Highlight, Eric Nam, Kim Tae Woo, and IndieGogo immediately," demands a petition by a group of called TGM Events Justice.
TGM Events apologized for the Atlanta incident and offered full refunds.
"We're sorry the venue is at capacity, we will give you a full refund as well as a group photo and hi-touch with BTS after the show," read notices that multiple concert-goers received at the venue. "Please write your name and e-mail address and we will give you a full refund."
Following the concert, rain-drenched fans were let into the venue and then told that the band had left and would not be able to participate in neither a photo nor a hi-touch event.
On Sept. 27, TGM Events issued a public apology via social media.
"We sincerely apologize to all fans that attended Highlight 2015 Atlanta on Sept. 26," said TGM. "Events transpired that lead to a number of fans being unable to receive the experience that they had expected and paid for."
TGM Events took full responsibility for over-selling tickets and not coordinating the aforementioned compensation with BTS's management.
"The agreement to compensate those fans by giving them the opportunity to receive hi-touch and group photo was not shared with nor priorly discussed with Big Hit Entertainment and the artists and were solely decided upon by TGM and we are especially sorry for this."
TGM Events ended the statement by apologizing to BTS, Big Hit Entertainment, and fans of the group, as well as offering full refunds.
TGM Events Justice's petition lists numerous complaints against TGM Events management and action at several K-pop concerts.
Following the Atlanta show, the latest grievances were added to the petition as fans took to social media to comment on the situation, expressing anger at the show being oversold and mismanagement of the promised compensation.
Many who went to the show commented that they had traveled from around the country to see BTS, and were extremely disappointed by the fact that a full refund could not replace their expectations and travel expenses.
The BTS show in Atlanta is one of multiple instances where a TGM Events organized concert has caused difficulties for K-pop fans.
TGM Events was blacklisted in Malaysia after a video from a B1A4 fan meeting in January showed members of the idol group interacting and embracing fans dressed in hijabs and traditional Muslim clothing. After the video went viral, Malaysia's religious administration initially called for the arrest of the women featured in the video.
Earlier this year, two TGM organized concert series, featuring singers Eric Nam and Kim Tae Woo, were cancelled after tickets went on sale. Fans commenting on the TGM Events official page following the Sept. 26 situation said that they still have have not received refunds from the cancelled tours.
TGM's CEO Nadia Leong has been criticized for mishandling the organization of the performances, and has been silent despite the controversy.
KPOP UNITED, which Leong previously worked at, issued a statement that Leong has not worked with the company, a Korean government-certified company, since 2014.
"We are dismayed and saddened to learn about the current situation caused by the actions of TGM Events," said KPOP UNITED's official statement. 
"The trust of fans is integral and paramount," continued the statement. "Incidents that take advantage of that trust put the integrity of the industry in jeopardy and cause unthinkable harm to the fans."
"It also must be said that Nadia Leong was released from KPOP UNITED in April 2014 and we have had no contact or collaborations with her since that time." 
Leong has not yet issued a statement following the Sept. 26 show or KPOP UNITED's call for action.
Correction: The original version of this article erroneously stated that Leong was a co-founder of KPOP United.