We were alarmed to hear that Eun Ji Won spit out blood while coughing after filming KBS 2TV's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education'. He was reported to have an infection in his lungs and was waiting for the results to come out.

Eun Ji Won's side has now updated news outlets on the matter. A representative toldIlgan Sports through the phone, "The results from the hospital say he has lung inflammation. As he receives regular treatment at the hospital and takes medicine, he will heal."

His company's representative also told XSportsNews, "On September 11, he had filming for [KBS'] 'Idol Song Contest'. But the staff were considerate and said that if he's hurting and isn't well, he doesn't have to take part in filming and instead should rest. Thus, he did not take part in filming."

The representative added, "Right now Eun Ji Won has become a lot better. He coughs less and is improving because he receives hospital treatment every day, takes his medicine, and gets plenty of rest."

We're so relieved to hear he's feeling better already and hope for a speedy, full recovery