On September 23 airing of tvN 'Wednesday Food Talk,EXID's Solji recalled a time during her early debut years when she had a tough time due to a strict diet she was on.

She said, "The thing that made me the most angry was when I was when I couldn't eat. I went through a severe dieting during the early debuting days."

Solji then said, "They would only give me vegetables and no rice, telling me to lose weight. I sing with the energy that I get from eating, so I would get extremely stressed. (At the time) I would secretly go in to the bathroom and eat triangle kimbap. I cried, upset that I was being given things to do without being fed properly." 

Moving on to talking about her favorite late-night snack, Solji revealed that the members of EXID enjoys eating chicken feet and spicy pig feet. When the others on the show pointed out that these dishes are usually ones enjoyed with alcohol, Solji replied with a laugh, "We drink both soju and beer. There are members who enjoy drinking and those who don't as much, so the ones who enjoy drinking, drink only a little. Since we are all adults."