Beautiful Japanese actress Fujii Mina was a special guest appearance on the September 17th installment of 'Happy Together', sharing stories of her experiences in Korea, Korean food, and her ideal type (her answer will have you do a double take).

Yoo Jae Suk asked the actress if she experienced any difficulties during her activities and promotions in Korea. Fujii Mina answered honestly, "The schedule was so tight when I came to Korea after filming a drama in Japan," confessing the difficulties she encountered trying to adjust to the fast-paced life in Korea that will make anyone's head spin. She continued, "When I went back to Japan, I was able to film with leisure." Yoo Jae Suk wisecracked, "Japanese celebrities, if you think drama filming is hard [in Japan], I encourage you to study abroad in Korea." 

No matter how stressed you may feel from the busy life in Korea, you can always wind down with a bowl of crispy, piping hot fried chicken and beer! That's exactly what Fujii Mina does to slow down from the fast-placed Seoul lifestyle or so she told the MC's. She said, "I always eat chicken when I come here. There aren't many fried chicken places in Japan."

The actress also confessed that her ideal type is Shin Dong Yup, which likely shocked everyone, especially the person who asked her who her ideal type is -- Shin Dong Yup himself. When the comedian asked, "Who is your ideal type?" the name that slipped through Fujii Mina's lips was not one that anyone was expecting. Hongki joked, "Is it because [Shin Dong Yup] is perverted?" The actress explained, "I like his gentle manner and his humorous speech. I like that kind of vibe." 

Who would have guessed, huh?