In the latest recording for KBS' 'Beauty Bible 2015', SECRET's HyosungZE:A'sKwanghee and SISTAR's Soyu shared their know-hows of achieving great skin.

During the filming, MC Kwanghee shared his skincare routine by replying, "My skin routine is going to the dermatologist," bringing chuckles.
MC Hyosung, known for her flawless, pale complexion, on the other hand, confidently said, "My complexion has been like this since birth."

Hyosung also brought up an interesting topic, as she said, "It especially seems like when an idol has a paler complexion, the level of their fans changes."
Hearing this, Soyu and Kwanghee, who are known to be naturally tanner, humorously protested, "Then are we not popular idols?!

Of course we know that both pale and tan celebrities are all popular! You can check out the episode on September 29 at 9:55pm KST!