iKON win

Anticipation for YG Entertainment's newest group doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon as the group has secured yet another music show win.
Moreover, they've grabbed the wins without having released their album yet.
iKON has officially won music show "Inkigayo" for the final week of September. With their warm-up single "My Type," the group won over Red Velvet's "Dumb Dumb" and Fly to the Sky's "It Happened to be That Way." iKON's winning episode of "Inkigayo" aired on Sept. 27.
If you are concerned that "My Type" is too good to be followed by anything more exciting, YG Entertainment president Yang Hyun Suk assured fans that iKON has an exciting "three course meal" planned for their debut.
"'My Type' is like an appetizer with a sweet and sour taste that stimulates the appetite.  The mini-album and full-album coming out in October and November are the main course. We'll be presenting you all with a taste and fragrance that will surprise you," said Yang (via Allkpop).
In addition to winning this weekend's "Inkigayo," iKON also won "The Show! Music Core." Moreover, "My Type" snagged the top spot on several Korean digital charts including topped Melon, Genie, Olleh and Naver Music. The warm-up single also managed to rise to the third spot on Billboard's "World Digital Songs" chart.
iKON will release the first half of their album on Oct. 1 and the full-album on Nov. 2. It was reported that the group is expected to release at least five singles from the album, so fans are in store for plenty of iKON in the next few months.