Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend is determined to push through with her legal battle against the Hallyu star, whom she says continues to deny that he is the father of her recently born child.
The latest court plea date happened on September 23, with both sides submitting new documents before the Seoul Central District Court.
The ex-girlfriend, referred to in the media only as Ms. Choi, was represented by lawyer Sun Jong Moon who submitted documents related to Choi's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer, Lee Jae Man, gave documents refuting Choi's claims, reports Allkpop.
"Today we submitted the documents that show Kim Hyun Joong exchanged text messages with Choi acknowledging the contents related to the pregnancy and miscarriage," Sun Jong Moon reportedly said. "Though we provided hard evidence, Kim Hyun Joong's side still refuses to acknowledge anything. We even requested a witness but they denied the request, saying a witness is unnecessary. But we have all the documents that will confirm the truth."
"Kim Hyun Joong is behaving in a way that is not manly. He isn't acknowledging the pregnancy or the birth. " added Sun Jong Moon. "He knows well enough how he and Choi were together and lived together. He knew about the pregnancy and the miscarriage, as well, but he says they don't concern him. He questions, 'Is it really mine?' It's truly a tragic scenario."
Sun Joong Moon also revealed a plan to bring a paternity suit against Kim Hyun Joong, but will be filed after the ex-girlfriend has finished registering the birth of the baby and other similar affairs.
"We will check the DNA at a place that is reputable and legally recognized," Choi's lawyer said.
Kim Hyun Joong's side counters that there is still sufficient doubt on Choi's claims.
"Nothing has changed after this plea date. Choi's side didn't provide any documents related to her treatments or any images," said Lee Jae Man, lamenting that the legal battle has sullied his client's name. "Choi has totally mutilated Kim Hyun Joong using the press. Kim Hyun Joong and his family doesn't even want to meet with Choi anymore."
The legal battle between Kim Hyun Joong and Choi is expected to progress again when the two sides meet at the scheduled fourth plea date on October 30 at the same court.