Lovelyz previously returned to the pre-release song 'Shooting Star' re giving snippets MV for their title track 'Ah-Choo'. On this day, Wednesday (9/23) KST, lovelyz finally released video footage MV highly awaited by fans.

Video footage lasts almost 30 seconds it shows members of the visible playing Peekaboo, besembunyi from other members. Unlike the 'Shooting Star' featuring the graceful of the eight members, the video footage to MV 'Ah-Choo', lovelyz more side show their cute to the accompaniment of a unique instrument. Meanwhile, MV lovelyz will release their first album as well as an 8 member entitled 'Lovelyz8' on 1st October. Immediately see the footage for the music video 'Ah-Choo' below