Cheating 'sajaegi' were again discussed by the television station JTBC on one news program some time ago enough to make the fans angry icon. Fraud blamed on the agency to lift the song artist to top positions in various music sites in a way that is not fair. One site mentioned that MelOn music.

MelOn is one music site in Asia eventually go to vote on charges of 'sajaegi' on its website. 
Representatives of MelOn talk to Osen through phone calls and declared, "We have blocked the use is not normal. 'Sajaegi' is something that is not possible. "Representatives back added," We are monitoring the use of abnormal on our site. In the case of multiple duplicate IDs that are used are not normal, we have a system that has been created specifically to prevent this from affecting the chart we are. Even if there is a 'sajaegi' it would not be influence the music charts. We put in our best effort to maintain fairness in our site. "Previously, the boss YG entertianment also respond to the news about the alleged 'sajaegi' posed by the JTBC through their news programs