On a popular Korean online community, a user posted a question that is going viral. Originally titled, “Suzy’s face vs Yura’s body”,  thearticle has over 130,000 in less than a day.
“Under the condition that you cannot get plastic surgery what would you rather have? I’m not trying to put Yura up against Suzy. I just feel that they’re both equally desirable traits….hehe don’t hate me.”
Like the post if you would want Suzy and unlike if you would like Yura.
Post likes/unlikes [+ 746, – 262]
[+ 148, – 15] I wouldn’t even have to think about it before picking Suzy. If your face is meh even with Yura’s body you wouldn’t get anywhere
[+ 120, – 7] I will always go for the face
[+ 106, – 14] Honestly I would rather have Yura’s face than Suzy’s … not that that’s ever going to happen ㅠㅠ