The Red Velvet girls are as lovely as ever in their latest photoshoot with 'Vogue Girl'! We can't even describe their concept in one word, because they look vintage chic, grown-up yet girly, feminine, and slightly retro all at once!

During their interview, you could tell how much they loved their new album 'The Red'. 
Joy remarked, "Our album 'The Red' has a lively and cheerful feel and has a positive energy."

Yeri added, "Make sure to listen to our other tracks in the album."

Irene shared, "As a music show MC, I commuted on my own but now I can go with my members."

Seulgi said, "With this round of promotions, we pledged to be more relaxed on stage."

Wendy said, "As I became a singer because I wanted to sing, more than anything I will focus on music and take the effort to not lose my true self."

You can see the released photos below, but for more of Red Velvet and their interview, get your copy of the October issue of 'Vogue Girl'.