Shinhwa's Junjin opened up about dating and more for the October issue of 'Maxim' magazine.

It has been 7 years since Junjin made the cover of a magazine solo, and he commented,"It's been a while since I've shot a cover, and it feels new." He was also asked whether he ever dated a fellow celebrity, and he answered, "It'd be a lie if I said I didn't considering I've been active for 17 years. There are people who are living happily and in happy marriages. It's a bit iffy for me to say how many celebrities I dated."
He also opened up about Shinhwa, the longest-running K-pop idol group so far. He wrote,"There's a member who always starts a fight, but I won't say who. I don't want to make it an issue."

Magazine staff commented that Junjin showed a different side to him than people can see on variety shows. Check out the cover above! How does he look?