Still under contract, SM Entertainment is suing the former Tao EXO promotion in China. Having previously testified on the case of Kris and Luhan, this time the agency EXO talk about Tao.

As they reveal on this day 22 September, "Our lawsuit against Tao and the companies that produce a solo album Tao in China, related to illegal activities conducted Tao was officially entered in the Center Court of Beijing on the 18th of September." "Tao already contacted other agencies on April and started its activity as a celebrity with the release of a solo album, to leave the group and agency without notice. If you like this, then he has leveraged its popularity as a member of EXO to appear in commercials and television programs. 

"the Agency continues," On August 24, he had filed a lawsuit against us in court Seoul Central. Until the courts make their decisions, contracts between Tao and SM Entertainment is still running with the official, so he must abide by the contract and did not perform illegal activities. 

"SM Entertainment also complained because of illegal activities conducted Kris, Luhan and Tao could have an adverse influence on the cultural exchange cooperation Korea and China. Agencies will do anything to promote cooperation between the two countries.