This does it. SISTAR Soyu's duets are straight out guaranteed to be a hit! Soyu andKwon Jung Yeol's duet track "Lean On Me" has achieved an all-kill, if that's really any surprise!

Starship Entertainment's side stated, "As of right now on September 22, Soyu and Kwon Jung Yeol's "Lean On Me" recorded number one on all real-time music chartsMelonBugsMnetOlleh MusicGenieNaver Music and Monkey3, for a perfect all-kill."

As "Lean On Me" is for the people who are tired and going through a hard time, Starship added, "We think a perfect 'healing song' has been born with Soyu and Kwon Jung Yeol's collaboration. We hope this song will be a song of comfort to many people."
How are you liking "Lean On Me"?