Suzy's father, Wan Young Bae recently rumored to be opening a Taekwondo training center in Seocho district, Seoul. The news was known after the circulation of rumors entire family are planning to move from Gwangju to Seoul. But the news has been confirmed by Suzy agency, JYP Entertainment.

Representatives of JYP said, 
"Suzy is currently living in Samseongdong, Seoul. Her mother often visited him from Gwangju to keep Suzy. Yes, her father is planning to open an academy Taekwondo in Seocho District in Seoul and frequently visited Seoul. However, the whole family will not move because you Suzy still in school in Gwangju. "Suzy is currently busy with the promotion of the latest movie starring him 'Dorihwaga', which is also starring Ryu Seung Ryong and directed by producer Lee Jong Pil. Dad Suzy is known as one of the members of the team leader for Korean Youth Taekwondo National team for the world championships 'World Junior Taekwondo Championships in 2014'.