One of the participants 'Show Me The Money 4', Black Nut tangent Minho Song WINNER through the photos he uploaded on Instagramnya account.

On 24 September last, rapper Black Nut post photos and add captions, "Mino-ssi, how are you?"

In the photos uploaded, Black Nut shows the bamboo rolling ever used in a rap battle 3 opponents appearance 3. Roll the bamboo had become controversial after Black Nut used to lie on the floor while Song Mino doing rap.

Besides dikecaman by netizens, Black Nut action at that time to get a negative response from the rapper and some producers 'SMTM 4'.

After uploading the photo, fans Song Mino express their discomfort about the situation posed, given Mino never assume that diss battle is one of the toughest parts of his life. 

On the other hand, fans of Black Nut explained that the rapper just put this as a joke and did not intend to offend.