Zac Efron just celebrated his relationship with his girlfriend Sami Miro on Twitter, but that might have been a way of covering up a bad news. The rumor has it that he may be back in rehab after some troubles in his life.
According to Fashion & Style, “After the flop of Efron’s recently released film, “We Are Your Friends,” rumors have been rounding that the actor has gone missing and is allegedly using drugs again. Radar Online reported that Efron is in a downward spiral again after the failure of his latest film as well as his troubled relationship with Sami Miro.”
The story has it that he “showed up to a cast party in Atlanta and he looked like he was totally out of it,” according to the same publication.
This comes right after Zac made his relationship with Sami Miro much more public.
They wrote some really nice things on Twitter to each other. Zac wrote, “Happy anniversary baby :) I love you. September 5th @SamiMiro” while she said, “Time flies when you’re having fun. Happy anniversary baby. I love you too September 5th @ZacEfron.”
This isn’t that surprising seeing how Zac Efron was “all smiles” as he stood on “We are Your Friends” red carpet with his girlfriend Sami Miro. Seeing Zac and Sami rarely appear together, this red carpet made their relationship quite public.
At least, that was before “We Are Your Friends” tanked. But that also means that he might have more time to spend by her side.
Do you think Zac and Sami will make their relationship work? Let me know in the comments below!