Akdong Musician Releases Album For Hangeul Day

The brother and sister duo, Akdong Musician (Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun), will be releasing a new single titled  "Ga Na Da Together" in honor of Hangeul Day on Friday, October 9th.
The commemoration song will release on AKMU's respective social media networks such as their official Youtube and Facebook pages.
The production of "Ga Na Da Together" was a joint project of YG Entertainment with Woori Card to create a public campaign and raise awareness of the special holiday.
The song "Ga Na Da together" features a very unique chorus in Korean as both Chan Hyuk and Soo Hyun sing the whole alphabet ("Ga Na Da Ra Ma Ba Sa Ah Ja Cha Ka Ta Pa Ha") in the song.
As people commemorate Hangeul Day, the collaboration hopes that this becomes a factor for foreigners and Koreans to be more drawn into the language. With that, Akdong Musician hopes that this could be a new start to a newfound appreciation.