iKon Sells Out 10,000 Seats

Big Bang
iKON is big, but don't compare them to Big Bang, says their record label chief.
Yang Hyun Suk, the head of YG Entertainment, spoke to Korea's Ilgan Sports about this week's debut of YG's new boy group, iKON. During the interview, he expressed that was immensely against comparing iKON, or any group, to Big Bang.
Arguably the most popular K-pop in the world today, Yang spoke about Big Bang's nine years of experience as one of the reasons that he felt that iKON, a new group could be compared to Big Bang.
"Big Bang has steadily put in effort over the past nine years to become a top global group," Yang told Ilgan Sports. "They are just only now enjoying their success. You cannot compare iKON with them."
"They are both groups under YG Entertainment, and there are similarities, such as that they release self-composed music," Yang continued. "So even though I'm thankful that iKON is receiving interest, it's an uncomfortable comparison from the view of producers, fans, and the members themselves. I think that this comparison, or competition, is unnecessary and not right."
Yang also expressed that he wanted to see iKON work hard and walk down a similar road, following in the footsteps of Big Bang, but that he doesn't want to burden the new group.
iKON officially debuted on Oct. 1 with dual singles, "Rhythm Ta" and "Airplane," from their "Welcome Back" album. The first half of "Welcome Back" was released on the same day, while the second half of the album will be released next month.