BTOB [Giddy Up] at MBC Music Show Champion - Jul 8, 2015

BTOB fans can look forward to another great release from the band very soon.
On Oct. 7, K-pop group BTOB released the full tracklist for their upcoming album, "I Mean" through their official Facebook page. On this album, several members of the group were involved with composing a few of the songs themselves.
The EP will consist of six songs: "Last Day," "On The Way Home," "Heart Attack," "Neverland," "All Wolves Except Me," and "I'll Be Here."
The title song, "On The Way Home," was described by the group's agency CUBE Entertainment as "providing happiness and a soothing feeling to those who have experienced a large amount of failure and frustration." The song is meant to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that young people face in the world today. 
"Last Day" is a hip-hop track that was written in part by the leader of the group, Lee Changsub, who expressed his own emotions and feelings in the song. "Neverland" is a love song featuring G.NA, who is expected to rap during her verse. "I"ll Be Here" is a R&B love song, which was composed by Im Hyunsik. "Heart Attack" features their new Jack Swing dance.
"I Mean" is scheduled to be released on October 12th at 12 AM KST.