CNBLUE Singer Jung Yong Hwa Shows His Versatile Music Talents During His 1st Solo Concert In Singapore [PHOTOS]

One member of CNBLUE recently asked fans to respect his privacy.
Jung Yong Hwa, the lead vocalist of K-pop band CNBLUE, took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask fans to respect the privacy of his family and not visit his family phone. The singer's tweet explained that fans visiting his home over Chuseok, a Korean holiday, was inappropriate.
"I understand and am grateful for your love, but I would like to ask you not to come to my home," Yong Hwa wrote. "My parents were shocked when they [fans] visited me over the Chuseok holiday."
Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday, and began on Sept. 27. During Chuseok, most people in South Korea have off from work, and spend time with their family.
After making his polite request, Yong Hwa also wished his fans a good night.
The K-Pop Herald reported that Yong Hwa has continuously faced similar problems from so-called "sasaeng" fans, or the intense fans who invade the private lives of celebrities.
Numerous K-pop idols in the past have struggled with fans overreaching into their private life. In 2013, "SNL Korea"addressed the situation with a comic sketch, particularly highlighting the intense fans devoted to SM Entertainment boy group EXO.
Yong Hwa debuted with CNBLUE in 2009, and rose to fame both as a singer and as an actor. He appeared in popular Korean dramas, including "You're Beautiful" and "Heartstrings." 
CNBLUE made made a comeback in Korea earlier this month with their first album of 2014, "2gether," featuring the single "Cinderella."