Welcome to this week's Get That K-pop Look, where we showcase an original K-Pop outfit and give you tips on putting together your own similarly styled, affordable outfit.
It's time to highlight an outfit we don't always see from K-pop stars - the hippie look. Taeyeon has had a hectic last few months, and the promos for her upcoming solo album show her breathing in the sun and the sand. Luckily for us, she has the perfect outfit to match.

(Photo : Instagram)
A beach outfit should be flowy, comfy, and simple, and Taeyeon doesn't disappoint. It's a great time of year to stock up on beachwear, so follow these tips on getting your perfect carefree outfit today:
Is there anything sexier than an oversized sweater draped perfectly at the beach? This refreshing sweater will give you an enviable casually cool look.

(Photo : Zulily)
There's almost no item of clothing that's more simultaneously comfortable and stylish as a maxi skirt. The Bohemian style here makes it super fun and carefree. Oh, and that 'don't wear white after Labor Day' myth? Forget it. This skirt is year-round magic.

(Photo : Target) 
Bare feet are best for the beach, sure. But when you've got to lace back up to head to the real world, these are your best option. They look great showing off your calves with a pair of shorts, but would also look fabulous under a maxi skirt. As long as it's warm-ish outside, it's a winner shoe.

(Photo : Missguided) 
So Taeyeon's flower crown look may have come more from beachy, braided hair, but using an actual (or...kind of pretend) floral crown is fun, too. Plus, it's a cure for bad hair days, not a catalyst to one. This crown from Forever 21 one has the added bonus of looking a little extra fancy with another more formal outfit, too. 

(Photo : Forever 21)