During the commemorative showcase for their third single album 'Speed Up' held October 7 in Seoul, Melody Day's Yoomin confessed that her uncle, well-known actor Jang Dong Gun, doesn't give her any pocket money. 

MC Ding Dong (yes, that really is his name), who presided over the showcase, had turned to Yoomin to ask, "Does your uncle (Jang Dong Gun) give you any allowance?" Yoomin replied, "My uncle doesn't give my any of his money," and joked, "Please give me some allowance money," bringing laughter. 

MC Ding Dong returned, "If I get as many advertising gigs as your uncle then I'll give you some money." Yoomin may have to wait a while before she gets any allowance money from MC Ding Dong!

Did you watch Melody Day's MV for "Speed Up" starring GOT7's Junior yet?