Actress Moon Chae Won became an autumn goddess for the October issue of InStyle. The beauty presented sparkling Pandora jewelry from the brand's latest collection, which included charms with stone-encrusted petals and crystal stud earrings. Her wardrobe was composed of sleeveless dresses and billowy blouses by brands like Carolina Herrera.
One of the star's standout accessories was the Sparkling Lace Ring. According to the brand, "The timelessness and romance of antique lace inspired this stunning statement ring. Cast in sterling silver and embellished with tiny micro-set stones, it's a beautiful expression of Pandora's refined craftsmanship and vintage glamour." The ring can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

(Photo : Pandora)

Another beautiful ring showcased in the pictorial was the Tropical Palm Leaf Ring. The ring is outlined with hand-set cubic zirconias, can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.
(Photo : Pandora)

Not all of Moon's pieces radiated elegance, some had a modern, simplistic charm. For instance, the Alluring Brilliant Stackable Ring was decorated with circular crystals and could be stacked to create the illusion of a chunky one-piece. The ring can be yours HERE and can be seen below.
(Photo : Pandora)

Recently, Moon Chae Won was confirmed as the female lead in the upcoming SBS drama Goodbye Mr. Black.
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