One Piece

This week's chapter had plenty of revelations and it looks like another big war is brewing between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates!
The chapter began with the other half of the Straw Hat pirates reuniting with the Thousand Sunny. The Barto Club pirates are so overwhelmed to see the ship that carries his idols. Both parties bid their farewell as the Straw Hats, together with Law and the two samurais from Wano make their way up to Zou.
Scene shifts to Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army's hideout, with Dragon and Koala discussing the aftermath of the fall of Doflamingo and his family. Koala informed Dragon that they got a rare metal called Liquore, while Dragon ordered Koala to summon all the leaders of the Revolutionary Army.
Meanwhile, the Blackbeard Pirates make contact with Jesus Burgess and apparently, he got on one of the ships heading to Baltigo. He told Shiryuu and Lafitte to bring everyone and attack the Revolutionary Army and follow his vivre card. Does this spell war between the Revolutionaries and the Blackbeard Pirates?
Also, the Warlord Buggy is pleased as he got word that his business will be more in demand now that the weapons supply provided by the Donquixote family are gone. However, he was hit by bad news when Hajrudin, along with the four other giants are leaving his crew and when he asked for the reason, he will never like it for sure.
The scene shifts back to Zou with Luffy and the rest of the gang climbing up the giant elephant using the "dragon" Kanjuro drew up. They also asked the two samurais what is their main purpose going to Zou and they mentioned that they want to reunite with the last member of their team, Raizou the Ninja.
However, they got interrupted by a flying object that is about to drop on them. What could it be? Find out when "One Piece" chapter 804 gets released on October 22.