A special K-pop love concert is headed to California, headlined by former labelmates, Wheesung and Gummy. The Soulmate Concert will be held on October 31 at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino. The show begins at 7pm local time.
R&B singer Wheesung, active in the music industry since his 1999 debut with idol group, A4, has since made a name for himself, both as a soloist and as a triple threat lyricist, composer and producer. He has featured for and written songs for the biggest names in K-pop, including Lyn, SHINee, Ivy, Lee Hyori, Bobby Kim, Younha, G.NA, Kim Bum-soo and his current labelmate, Ailee. He has recently appeared on musical programs, I Am A Singer and Hidden Singer, to showcase his singing prowess.
Soul balladeer Gummy has just as much a storied pedigree, debuting in 2003 in Korea and in 2011 in Japan. She possesses an emotive voice, tinged with sadness, which lends itself well to emotional OST tracks, such as her hit, "Snow Flower," from the hit 2013 drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows. She has impressed fans with her passionate vocals on musical variety programs, Immortal Song and Show Me The Money.
Frequent collaborators and fast friends, these two are sure to stage a memorable night of music, a romantic and special concert to mesmerize fans. Tickets are available through Hotdeal.
Wheesung - "Night and Day"