Artist Spotlight: DMTN

For a group who debuted five years ago and whose members each have an extensive track record, DMTN is one K-pop boy group who has yet to see any remarkable success in comparison to their juniors. It also doesn't help that the group has been M.I.A. for two and a half years now, which is a total shame on the behalf of all the K-pop enthusiasts who are missing out on some serious talent. But I'm getting too ahead of myself; let's take a look at exactly what makes these guys so great.

DMTN debuted under the name Dalmatian in 2010 under MC Mong's self-established company, Monkey Funch Entertainment, and as bizarre as it is to brand yourself after the spotted dog whose greatest achievement was that one Disney movie, the name is actually quite endearing. Similar to the devotion of man's best friend's, it's the members' (Inati, Dari, DayDay, Youngwon, Jeesu, and Daniel/Drama) way of including the word "musician" in their promise to maintain loyalty to their craft (though, if that were the case would it not be "dalma-cian?").
And as if the Dalmatian trope was not enough, the group took it one step further with their charming debut music video and song, "Round 1," which featured plenty of canine onomatopoeias in its lyrics and Dalmatian printed suits as the main music video fashion takeaway.
With a name like Dalmatian, they also were not going to get away with any kinds of powerful or beastly idol concepts. So in order to meet the standards of the rapper line that made up half their group and to devise a more fitting image, they looked towards a sprightlier hip-hop direction, which is an angle that most people don't associate with hip-hop. In any event, it was pulled off well as it's a fun, string infused number with compelling lyrics describing their arduous journey to stardom. "Six years being a trainee, I spent every night with bread and water," it goes. Sadly, promotions for the song only last two weeks, but their ambition and drive conveyed in that fortnight was enough to make me want them to succeed, that is, had I been introduced to them during that era.

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