2NE1 CL at 'New Evolution' World Tour in New Jersey on Aug 17, 2012
K-pop artist CL continues to gain attention as she makes her foray into the American music market.
Bustle, a female-oriented website, chose 2NE1's CL an up and coming style icon, and wrote up a list about why "K-Pop Star Chaelin Lee Should Be Your New Style Icon." The list cited CL's fashion sense, her music, and her acquaintances.
The Bustle list highlighted that CL is already a a fashion icon in Korea and that her fashion fierceness is something that will lead to her "bring K-pop to the United States."
"CL's style is best described as bold and colorful, and she'sdefinitely not afraid to experiment," wrote Bustle writer Maxine Builder.
Builder highlighted CL's use of brands such as Hermes, Adidas, Fendi, and Nike in her 2013 music video for "The Baddest Female," and her relationship with Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott as two of the reasons why CL is the biggest up and coming fashion icon.
The list also included CL not being "afraid to 'dress like a boy,'" CL's makeup always being "on point," her ability to accessorize, CL's use of silver hair, and her constant attempts to change up her style.
CL recently gained attention for switching over to using the Korean makeup artist Pony and was featured with Jeremy Scott on the cover of Paper Magazine.
The complete list is as follows:
1. She Knows Her Brands
2. She Has Some Famous Fashion-Forward Friends
3. She's Not Afraid To "Dress Like A Boy"
4. Her Makeup Is Always On Point
5. She Knows How To Accessorize
6. She Can Rock Granny Hair
7. She's Constantly Changing