Black Ops 3 PS4 Bundle
“Black Ops 3” PS4 bundle has just been announced.
The “Black Ops 3” PS4 bundle came just in time as a number of other upcoming video games had pre-order bundles released this month. The game will sill be released on Nov.6, but there is still enough time to go berserk with an exclusive limited edition PS4 bundle.
Unfortunately, Sony hasn't announced the price of the bundle yet.
Gamespot reported that the “Black Ops 3” PS4 bundle costs a whopping $450 but every cent spent will be well worth it. Sony revealed the bundle would include a 1TB Playstation console custom designed with the familiar orange and black Black Ops colors. There are also there distinct emblems on the front of the console, a SOG Skull emblem to represent campaign, a Winslow Accord faction emblem to represent multiplayer and “the mark” to represent the zombies.
Other items that will be included in the bundle are a version of the Nuketown multiplayer map, now known as “Nuk3town,” as well as a standard edition of the game.
According to Playstation Blog, the sleek “Black Ops 3” Ps4 comes with a matching DualShock 4 controller that comes in a grey and orange color scheme plus a “III” logo on the right controller grip. Sony notes that the controller will also be sold as a standalone item for those just interested in buying the controller.
“Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3” takes place in the dystopian future in 2065 where science and technology has changed the world drastically. It has come to the point where humans are considered more machine than flesh and blood, thus the fear of the machines taking over has been speculated.
Zombie storylines are included in the game for those who are looking for that extra rush of gaming adrenalin.