As the saying goes, people will become beautiful red (Tucao Jun:? There is this saying it), on the South Korean female group 2NE1 leader CL's body, can be described as appropriate.

CL ran the United States after recent development, Instagram photos Satomi burst more and more, small series can not help but recall the then fledgling, she turns out to be a model of evolution looks ah!
CL impression of you may be like this:

However, this is who ......

A thick atmosphere blowing ...... prime people, especially the right of this tender eyeliner, like junior high school next door with wood have ~

CL debut early yet to find their own style direction, so you'll see this strange Liu Qi:

Finally, just put the eye cover up 555:

Liu Qi is really not suitable for CL wood there!

CL has been in the program broke the news that President Young adults see 2NE1 makeup rehearsal concert, can not help sigh says, "really ugly ah" to let CL really sad for a while - but since CL bangs stitch up, then domineering side leakage onto the broad road. The first is that this small series of stunning photographs, just as beautiful as her sister Hyo:

Well then again, let beauties explain all of it:

Sexy sultry up so neutral it so cool, in addition to CL did who had:

We not only have domineering Fan child, pure and it is also very cute yo!

It is worth mentioning that, while back when a star on the program CL belittle subconsciously looks, which, CL in Instagram message in response to a model called the atmosphere: "i could make a hater famous yah (I could hate my people are known). "this match is now used as Instagram avatar picture, really domineering to the bone!

We so love CL, Mimi da bless you always shine on the stage!