The new songs from a solo singer Ji Hoon Spirit draw the attention of the fans, because the lyrics lead to Rise Ladies' Code.Not long ago Spirit Ji Hoon did establish his comeback with the release of the album 'September 7'.The title of the new album Spirit Ji Hoon himself was the date of death of the rise, which is a colleague when they both starred in the singing competition program titled "Birth of a Great Star '.The lyrics of the song 'September 7' that reads, "You, who now can not I touch it again. I'm taking you back. Even though I tried to removing you and removing you again, I can not get rid of you, that's us. But you, who now can not I touch again, now kurelakan go ""These memories, desires, I must send you to go through memories fade. Goodbye my love, people I love, now I have to send you to that place, a happy place," read the lyrics.