Choa AOA get praise from netizens after appearing in the program 'King of the Masked Singer'. In the most recent episode of 'King of the Masked Singer' which aired today 27 September, Choa finally opened his mask. Through this program, Choa display looks spectacular with the use of masks "The leaves are falling '. He wowed the audience when the song called 'Beautiful Imprisonment'.
But unfortunately he had to be eliminated, so that he had to open the mask. As he reveal his identity, the audience and the jury immediately made ​​a scene, because no one expected if the girl is behind the mask is personnel AOA. After watching the episode, netizens to praise her by commenting, "Clever singing, has a beautiful face, and even had the image of the good, "" Surely Choa. I loved it because she sings very well, "" Choa really good at singing, "" You can know if it Choa of his movements. Please release a solo song, "" Choa very pretty and even sing with the good. The spirit !, "enthused another netizen