BTS fans not only come from the country of origin of the Kpop boyband, even not a few Americans who become fans of this boy band.
Unfortunately, some time ago raging fans during a concert tour 'HIGHLIGHT' held in America.The cause is incapable of managing the organizer of the concert.
'HIGHLIGHT' starts in San Fansisco, Houston, Atlanta, and ended in Toronto. Fourth city of transit is a series of base stations in the first tour of North America.
However, 3 of the 4 concert held reap disappointing response to criticism even from BTS, especially meraka who feel aggrieved by TGM Events the organizers of the concert tour.
Not even a few who poured his anger on social media Twitter. The cause of the anger caused by the many fans who could not get into the venue for the concert.
Those who have purchased tickets for officially not allowed entry even evicted from the site because capacity building is full. This is a mistake TGM selling more tickets than the quota of the building.
Unfortunately yes!