Member Monsignor recently become one of the new phenomenon of Korean entertainment and much more attention by his extraordinary talent.
Currently, a number of male and female groups under the "bosses" entertainment like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and other companies launched annually to the saturation in the market of music Korea. The timing from 2003-2009, a series of "king, queen" of pop was released and build buzz until today. The next year, the new age artists born again, however the band leave a special impression to the audience and even "cause storm" on the entertainment market today, it is perhaps the pet chickens SM - EXO.EXO was launched in 2012 in the 12-member squad potential. Group also considered the new trump card of SM to dominate the music market in South Korea, China and even the world. So far, a new record in album sales and "treasure" of EXO awards superior compared with other groups in the market. Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho outset has been media attention thanks to the talent and his physical appearance, but the rest is still a mystery to be explored. DIRTY. is one of them.
A rough gem gradually honed
When launched, Monsignor still overwhelmed by the attraction of other members by factors both appearance and voice. Shaping of Monsignor in the first hit of EXO as "History", "Mama" or "What is love" are not creating highlights with fans.


Shaping of Monsignor in the new stage debut
As one of EXO vocalist, singing of DO beginning remain or mixing with members Baekhyun. Many fans were not able to distinguish the voices of two male singers. Gradually accompany resounding success of the cult hit, the team members are paying more attention before, DO then also affirmed talent and her voice. In the radio program which group to join, has repeatedly male singer "glory" is its own voice and ability to sing very dinh.Nam English singer and dear elder Ryeowook (Super Junior) duet extremely eat the song "Missing You" The cover of "Nothing on You" by DO and Chanyeol in "Sukira - Kiss the Radio" song "Tell me what is love" is the next segment of the song "What is love" is DO showing in Asian tour lasts from May to June 12/2014. Male singer's voice makes the listener to "melt" by the sweet and unique way reduplicative attachment
Encroaching into the field of cinema


Role first made his name by DO today it is the Han Kang Woo in the hit drama "It's Okay, That's Love". Casting a fictional character in the imagination of the writer Jang, DO demonstrated skill immersive "ecstasy" of his and the audience was surprised, even flinch. As an actor, Monsignor get my name with the real name - Do Kyung Soo.


Go drama his 2nd "EXO house party", DO to transform into a "prince white" romantic, beautiful flowers, make female fans hearts flutter


Assuming the role of guest roles in the drama "I Remember You", DO made the audience admired for acting increasingly on their progress. In this film, he plays the villain Lee Joon Young pervert. He frequently dangerous actions, sick and can present many different stories when taking statements imagination thanks to his superhuman

In addition to the film on the small screen, DO also starred in the movie "Cart" and achieved many successes

Currently, male singer Kim So Hyun is the turning of the first set for the movie "Pure Love" KBS. This time, Monsignor was honored to be the director assigned to the important role of leading man. The film promises to bring many interesting details to the audience and will be launched in early 2016.

The backstage images of Monsignor and Kim So Hyun during filming

Opposition attraction

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Equity tiny body have the same baby face, cute, DO too often mistaken for the youngest of the group. A bewildered expression he makes his lovely female and male fans fans in unison "hissing" unremitting


Also, Monsignor also very famous heart-shaped lips unmistakable smile each time. This is a characteristic makes special attraction of male singers. DIRTY. many times have difficulty in expressing these lovely gesture and heart shaped to please the fans. However, other members have said, DO just a smile is enough heart and Aegyo dedicated fans already there

DIRTY. also makes fans can not "help" is often expressed as the facial expressions of humor, sometimes very "terror".
Expressive of Monsignor glare fans cause to smile

However, Monsignor still owns his good looks masculine sudden fan "rumbled down".

Masculinity full of Do Kyung Soo attraction

Warm guy is well loved

In particular EXO fandom and Kpop fans in general, attributed the couples in the group is no longer a strange thing. Numerous famous couple as Chanbaek, Kaisoo, Hunhan launched by rich imagination of fans. However, members are ship most probably DO. As people have personalities quite quiet but cute face possesses expressive and boyish, DO other members are beloved and very sinuous, teasing.

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The most famous couple is probably Kaisoo (Kai and DO). Since before its launch, the two brothers were extremely close and until now, the moments of the two of them together could not have made the fans enjoy twisting it. Each one glance, a gesture of Kai rubbing his head and DO have become hot topics being discussed EXO fandom
Chanyeol and Baekhyun notoriously naughty with two members of the group. Chanyeol each share that Monsignor was his best friend. With mischievous nature is available, Chanyeol can not ignore any opportunity to tease his friend. It was for this reason that he was DO "ton" for many times for custom persistent jokes

Chanyeol Baekhyun side equally in terms "tingling limbs," teased DO He also was one of the unfortunate victims of habit "family violence" from DO


Unlike the above two couple, Sudo (Suho and DO) is the pair he reconciled. Suho been many times expressed his feelings for me on television. When the answer to a question of the radio program of Park So Hyun - Love Game on 13/08/2013 day, Suho chose DO become boyfriend if female gendered selves. Team EXO also share more specific reason is because DO too cute, lovable that want Suho just want to tease

Monsignor couple Tao is also sharp and charming in a few times two "stick together like sam" together

Couple Sesoo (Sehun and DO) quite famous by the two brothers, or there are moments of mutual caring, joking together. As the youngest in the group Sehun should Monsignor also great for special attention to him. However, because he was the youngest nice tease to the elder of the group he was "beaten" becoming everyday?

Also, Monsignor was very much loved by celebrities warm voice and cute styles. Jungkook (BTS), Baro (B1A4), Dongwoon (B2ST), Minah (Girl's Day), K. Will, Hanbyul (Ledapple), HyunSik (BTOB) idols had expressed his admiration for DO .


Numerous male idol ...

... and they love him Minah "pig iron" DO

DIRTY. also very close to the same company senior Ryeowook (Suju), Key, Jonghyun (SHINee) and become the third "it's okay, that's love" with the same actor Kwangsoo Jo In Sung.


Always a lovely brother, docile of the SM seniors

Recently, Monsignor extremely sinuous with 2 actor Lee Kwang-soo and Jo In Sung after project television series "It's Okay, That's Love". 3 brothers often go shopping and spend some special moments together

Weak spot

Despite being a talented artist, with the face and the eye-catching attraction is hard to resist, but DO have a pretty big weakness that's narrow shoulders. Also somewhat modest height compared to other members of the group, male singers with more attention on his shoulders too narrow. In a contest about the width of the shoulder in a radio program, DO Lowest won the final position.

DIRTY. owns shoulders too narrow compared with the average, however the fans back to that DO so cute new

Also factor in appearance, Monsignor fans also do not at once bored by fashion style "cool" of his. Male singers have shared with the audience of fashion tastes extremely particular through television, confessed that he was a "follower" of black. Other members have shared a truth: male singer locker covered by a black from top to bottom and occasionally appear a color other two items.


Wherever, wherever, Monsignor also choose the outfit with a black ...

Fan of the guy was too familiar with images covering people as deep as this. Although other members of the group said that DO look very long items, each time changing it took 3 hours, but when the road result, male singers remained loyal to one fashion
The victim of the rumors on social networks
Many times Monsignor was involved in suspicious dating a member of the girl group Girl's Day - Sojin. The source of the rumor is shared by Sojin the ideal pattern man on his radio show, "I like the nice man but had a little stubborn. I can not emphasize appearance but People like to have a big mouth. I also consider all his eyes, and his height, for I do not matter. "

Immediately fan of Monsignor get right out here are the words describing his idol and talking excitedly about this topic. However, immediately after the news of the couple appeared on numerous pages and forums, the two artists did not have a special move, so that rumor was quickly extinguished. Until the beginning of last September, again rumors of DO and Sojin was raised. A picture is said to be proof of two people are dating each other online clandestinely.

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In the photo, Monsignor and Sojin is reportedly dating in a cafe. Although the presence of the two main characters were not revealed, but fans have judged due to body shape and their costumes
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Pink shirt and sweatpants that Sojin even be said to resemble the clothes of the woman next to DO. However, so far the two companies represented by DO and Sojin have not spoken out about the incident. Maybe this is a time "speculating" netizens

Also, Monsignor was involved in a rumor about beauty. A series of photographs of his childhood DO have been posted on social networks. Many suggested that the male singers from small already own cuteness, others bring these images to make evidence against DO Cosmetic Surgery whole face.


The old photo of Monsignor Netizens are brought to scrutiny and male singers factor cosmetic surgery. This makes the fan of the guy angry, some even feel ridiculous

With what Monsignor are trying to improve themselves and the daily, taciturn boy, quiet but lovely and very worthy of your love, right? Anything at Monsignor make our hearts flutter again, let's share!