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A video fights in nightclubs in Seoul suddenly become a topic among fans Kpop. He said the hell, the guy in the video is similar to one of the personnel Kpop idols. Oops!
Netizen crowded discuss it in the forum Pann Korea. Internet users who uploaded the video recording itself events that happened and posted to the forum on Thursday (17/09/2015).
"There was a fight in the club. The foreigners and one handsome guy hahaha I do not know who they are. I just start recording. Seeing the people fighting in the club is probably the most fun thing in the world," the netizen wrote.
At the end of the sentence curhatannya, he wrote that cute boy in question was a Kpop idols. "I was already too old and does not know K-Pop idol group, but it looks like he's one of them," he continued.
In the video looks a guy that seems idol is dressed in white with a black hat and his hair looked dyed. He was fighting with someone who is not Korean people and make noise in the club. The scene at-blow ensued.
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24K group name was dragged to this incident. One netizen wrote that dyed-haired guy in the video is one of the group members. The funny thing is that the 24K according netizen an ambassador for the campaign against violence in schools. But one of them even got into a fight in a nightclub.
No explanation or clarification of 24K management regarding this video.