Lovelyz who recently returned to full members through a pre-release music video entitled 'Shooting Star' in the spotlight because of the lipstick that makes the face look odd members.
Of course, makeup become one of the most important parts of appearances for the singer especially for a girl group that has had a lot of fans, one of which is lovelyz.
Recently, the spotlight lovelyz fans because they appear with odd makeup on their latest music video 'Shooting Star'.
On the music video section looks polished lip some members are not thorough with lipstick, impressed messy and hasty.Fans were furious with makeup that handles first comeback lovelyz as 8 members of the write post on an online community site, Pann under the title "Who is doing the makeup for lovelyz members."
Through these postings, fans include MV screenshot which shows the color of lipstick members are not applied evenly.