Unicorn's First Guerilla Concert
On September 17th, Unicorn released the behind the scenes of their Guerilla concert on their respective social networking sites as well as their official Youtube channel.

The video highlighted the anxiety and nervousness the Unicorn members were going through as they didn't know what the outcome of the guerilla concert would be.
Putting the nerves aside, the members shared their thoughts before putting on a show. Members Roomy, Sally, Winnie, Youjin and Gayoung all agreed that they aim to do their best with their 'Fighting!' spirits.
"I'm very nervous but I'll try my best for this stage," Youjin said.
"Please cheer us on so that we can successfully go on with this performance," added Gayoung.
Previously on September 13th, Unicorn sang their title song "Huk" followed by their second title track, "I Can't Wait."  This had given them an opportunity to connect with the residents of the town to make special memories.