The Walking Dead Season 6
"The Walking Dead" season 6 is right around the corner and many plot twists are expected for Rick Grimes and the rest of his gang.
However, one rumor pointed out by Movie Pilot is that the upcoming season could be the last time fans see Andrew Lincoln's character in the series and that writers of the TV show would stay away from the comic book storyline and create their story altogether.
The reports started after Lincoln was rumored to have missed his family in England, stating how the actor wants his character dead and out in the story.
This rumor, however, was quickly countered by Gossip Cop, which claimed to have talked to the actor's representative, confirming that Rick Grimes would still be back and alive in "The Walking Dead" season 6.
"Don't expect to see Grimes eaten by zombies anytime soon," the rep said. "Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Lincoln, who tells us that there's "no truth" to the tabloid's story about him wanting to leave the show."
A few months back, rumors of Rick being booted out from the show emerged after show creator Robert Kirkman went on a Reddit AMA forum stating how he considered taking the main character out of the story.
"I honestly considered killing Rick in issue 6 and making the comic about Carl having to grow up with this guy he saw kill his father," he said, as reported by Parent Herald. "But in the end, I decided against it. That was never the plan, but it was a thought that popped up that I entertained while I was writing issue 6."
Furthermore, as to how different the season 6 of "The Walking Dead" would be from the comic books, Kirkman also revealed that they would go one step away to make the story more exciting.
"All I'll say is that a few of the things coming deal with very cool, very beloved parts of the comic series and expand them in ways that die-hard fans are going to love," Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. "Oftentimes we do things that are cool, but risky, and I know some people will love it, but there's a potential for some people not to like the changes we're making or things we're adding. This is not one of those times. This stuff is awesome."