Joy Red Velvet gets jeers from Korean netizens because they did not fit into the model of cosmetic products. Personnel Red Velvet which is on the rise recently designated as a model for the brand Etude lipstick products.
After the photographs for the product was released, instead of praise, Joy instead get a negative response. Were mostly from Korean netizens assume Joy is not fit to be a model of cosmetics. Quoted from the forum Pann, netizen provide comments to it such as, "My desire to purchase these products disappear," "He actually does not look bad, but she was too young for this ad . It did not suit him, even the concept that he used, "" Joy looks pretty when not using heavy makeup, but why they were asked to use excessive makeup.  "That's because Etude has legendary models, such as Krystal, Sulli and Sandara. That's why he looks so like this, "" Joy actually have a lot of shooting good results, especially when with members of the Red Velvet. Not like this, "added another netizen.