Lee Bo Young met up with MBC's 'Section TV' for an interview recently where she talked about her husband, Ji Sung, and their infant daughter.

She received the compliment that she looked the same even after giving birth, and she replied modestly, "Not exactly the same.  I think it comes off that way because the lighting and the sunlight are good."

When asked which parent the daughter resembles more, she replied, "Our daughter looks like her father, Ji Sung.  Whenever people look at our daughter and say she looks like her father, I think it was me who gave birth to her and feel a bit upset," making everyone laugh.

She was also told that she and Ji Sung topped a survey in which people chose which real-life couple they most wanted to see act together.  She said, "I don't think I'd be able to immerse myself because I would laugh when I look at his face.  Why are you trying to take away my happiness when I go out and see other people?  I'll only see my husband at home. 

"Recently, there is an actor with whom I wanted to try acting, but I'm not going to say who.  There is too big an age difference between he and me, so it won't do," raising interest.  Someone even younger than Lee Jong Suk?