Uniform in a man, the equivalent of dress of the woman, a woman's dress to add charm and sensuality, and uniforms as the most stylish and trendy uniforms, also let men wear it full of stylish and courage, let a man full of masculine charm. Film and television dramas in uniforms male gods and what?

"The sun's descent," Song Joong-ki: Song Joong-ki plays special operations forces troops overseas team leader Liu town when walking with the wind rustling, pilot glasses blessing even more cool, with a congregation of soldiers behind to join in, just like the devil instructors posture, no wonder that big beautiful Kyo will be attracted to him.

"Human poisoning" Song Seung Hun: let small series film (tian) worship (ping) or less, Soong man really is suitable uniforms Look, uniformed men and God said it should be him, holding flowers in his high-spirited, who is so fortunate get your favor?

"The King 2 Heart" Jo Jung-suk: Royal Palace Guard captain, when he sat sat, rustling with the wind when walking, trembling and scared when people drew completely see the shadow playfully chef.

"The King 2 Heart" Lee Seung-gi: overbearing prince wearing uniforms also full of British Gas. He also "you're all surrounded" in uniforms through Oh, more stable than before.

"You are surrounded with" Ahn Jae-hyun: Ann stature slightly thin drop a little brother Chuanshangjingfu seem domineering, more handsome and young image.

"The great secret" Jin Xiuxian: "all" Professor in uniform immediately exudes murderous there? British Gas is pressing ah!

"Battle of Yeonpyeong" Lee Hyun Yu: sunny smile, Lee Hyun rain transformed into the Navy, in the white sailor suit against the background is not too tough a little more flavor, signature smile even in uniform can not stop ah.

"Taegukgi" Jang: Jang Dong Gun hero points less uniform taste, is little more frustration and sadness.

"Taegukgi" Won Bin: Won Bin, even in the entire movie is a dirty uniform, but he must Man than ever.

"Silmido" Xue Kyung: introverted sharp gas field like a body there is a small universe, Xue Taishu powerful aura impressive.