Sexy female K-pop group Nine Muses will be making their comeback before the year is over
A representative from their agency, Star Empire Entertainment, revealed on Monday, Sept. 21 that the group is preparing another album. With no release date scheduled yet, Nine Muses are aiming to drop the album sometime before the end of 2015.
Known for their model-like image and sexy concepts, Nine Muses most recently promoted the summer single "Hurt Locker," which was released on July 2 and included on the group's fourth EP S/S Edition. Prior to that, on Jan. 23, the group unveiled their single "Drama" off the EP of the same name.
Nine Muses consists Kyungri, Hyuna, Sojin, Erin, Sungah, Hyemi, Minha, and Keumjo.
The group made their debut on August 12, 2010, with single titled "No Playboy."  Over the years, Nine Muses have had several members leave the group in order to pursue other careers.