Three former bandmates will reportedly be at the same event since the split of one of K-pop's most legendary idol groups in 2009.
Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Jung Yunho will all reportedly appear at the Korean Ground Forces Festival in Chungnam, South Chungcheong, South Korea from Oct. 2-6. The three are fulfilling their mandatory military service in the Korean military, and will attend the festival as part of their service.
This will be the first event that the three singers will attend since Kim and Park left TVXQ in 2009.
Prior to the split in 2009, the SM Entertainment quintet was the most popular K-pop act in the world. In 2010, Kim and Park formed JYJ with the third member who also left TVXQ, Kim Junsu. In 2011, Jung made a return as TVXQ with the final member, Shim Changmin.
The five idols have not met publicly since the JYJ members filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The lawsuit lasted until 2012. Despite JYJ's members winning the lawsuit, they have had limited television promotions as a group (although Kim and Park have become popular actors,) and never met their former TVXQ members publicly.
Following initial reports in the Korean media, festival organizers responded that it has not been confirmed whether Kim, Park, and Jung will perform at the event, or if they do they may not all perform on the same day.
Kim Jaejoong enlisted in the Korean military on March 31 while Park Yoochun followed on Aug. 27. Only JJY's Kim Junsu has not yet enlisted to fulfill his military enlistment.
Jung Yunho entered the military on July 21, and became part of a military band. Shim Changmin will reportedly enlist on Nov. 19.